Hi SumUp!

We thought that the best way to say hello was to record a video, so you can see our faces and hear our voices.

Beneath the video you can find the learning plan that we would propose for the first 8 weeks.

Learning Plan for the first 8 weeks

The actual contents will be adapted to your learning speed and to your interests. It is only a first sketch, a flexible plan.


1. Language learning

Presentation of the course

How do we learn a language: learning and aquisition.

How to grow your motivation and avoid frustration.

2. The basic elements of the      German language

The structure of the sentence

The verbs

Articles and nouns

Adjectives and adverbes

3. The cases

Nominative, Accusative, Dative and Genitive

“Meaning” of the cases

Fundamental declinations (articles)

4. The Verbs (part I)

Present Tense


Participes (present and past)

(regular verbs only)

5. Prepositions

with accusative

with dative

with genitive

6. Pronouns

personal pronouns

impersonal pronouns

relative pronouns

7. The verbs (part II)

modal verbs

irregular verbs

future tense and passive

8. Attributives




1. Pronunciation

vowels, consonants, diphthongs

learning tongue breakers and singing easy songs

2. Order of the sentence

“Sentence construction” puzzle

3. Cases

“Guess the case”

Article board games

4. Verbs I

Verbs duel

Taboo with verbs

Conjugation roulette

5. Prepositions


Hide and Seek

6. Pronouns

The pronouns poem

Capture the flag

7. The verbs II

Puzzle with modal and irregular verbs

The verb cubes

8. Attributives

The game of opposites

Skirts and Towels