Custom Offer

We tailor our offer to the specific needs of our clients. Every client is different, and we want to offer him or her the best possible learning experience.


We value the intelligence and curiosity of our students. We want to empower them to also learn and train autonomously, making them independent from teachers.


A learning community is a powerful resource. We explain how to collaborate for better outcomes, how to help each other, and learn together.


Every student is different and every person is rich and complex. That’s why we offer a personal tutorship to our students, to address their specific needs and value their personal talents and resources.

Continuous Learning

Learning doesn’t end at the end of the lesson. You will learn how to implement language training in your everyday life, for minimal effort and maximum efficacy.

Science and experience

We don’t follow old myths or marketing trends. Our methods are based on scientific reseach in linguistics and neurolinguistics and on the experience of generations of teachers.


We believe in intrinsic motivation, which means: enjoy what you do! Don’t do it for the outcomes! Gamification is a great way to rediscover the pleasure of learning.