Three Methods in one

Why are other courses so inefficient? Because they have a too simplistic approach to methodology. They offer standard “classes”, like those you had in high school. How did they teach you languages in high school? Why expect any better from the same method? It’s time to change!

Our approach combines the three most efficient methods to create the perfect mix which will guarantee you maximal efficacy.
This won’t require any further effort from your side, we take care of analysing your needs and resources and provide you the perfect combination, tailored to your needs.

The three pillars of Smart Deutsch are:


To learn a foreign language means to develop a highly complex set of skills. If you were a child and had years of time to do that, you wouldn’t need any theory. But because you are an adult, and you have no time to waste, theory becomes an important tool.

Think about sports: if you want to get the best results in the shortest time, you can’t just “go out there” and start moving around. You need to gather information about training techniques and try your best to understand what you are doing.

Learning a language is pretty much the same thing: you need some theory to train efficiently. At Smart Deutsch we explain both to you: general grammar and theory of training. Our goal is to empower you, to make you capable of learning German fast and smart.


Practice is the core of language learning, of course!

But we want to do more than just make you practice. Our goal is to teach you how to practice also outside of the classroom.
We focus on three domains: 1) practice with your learning team, with your colleagues; 2) practice on your own, when you have spare time; 3) practice with other people, outside of the work environment.

We also want to help you find interesting and fun activities, which renew your motivation and enthusiasm for learning German. Boredom is forbidden!


The grammar is the same for everybody, group exercises are great… but everyone is different. And everyone will have slightly different learning experiences.

Like in sports: if you want to attain maximal efficacy, you will need a personal trainer. You will need a coach to follow you, advise you and answer your personal questions.

For this reason we are fond to offer our clients the services of a personal tutor. Next to group classes, the students will have the opportunity to book meetings with an expert in language training, who will help them overcome difficulties and exploit their talents.